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Critical thinking trainer

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I teach people to fully use critical ​thinking in work and life.

They can thus look for causes and ​solutions to problems, come up ​with ideas and test them, find ​common ground with people who ​have a different opinion or prevent ​mistakes when implementing ​changes and planning.

I am happy to do a talk, lecture, ​keynote speech, training or ​consultation for you as well.


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Critical thinking lecture by Lukáš Hána

For more than a decade, I have been doing ​corporate trainings, courses, lectures, ​webinars, and workshops for the public, ​universities, but also secret services.

I helped to create a critical thinking course ​at the University of Economics in Prague, ​within which I continue to teach. Before ​that, I studied at the University of ​Economics for my master's degree in ​Diplomacy, International Relations, and ​Economics with a secondary specialization ​in Economic Journalism.

In France, I have completed a program ​focused on problem-solving in ​management.

I have been trained by the American ​Center for Applied Rationality (CFAR) in ​Berkeley.

I am a proponent of evidence-based ​practices, therefor I am working as an ​ombudsman in Effective Altruism ​movement in the Czech Republic.


What can I do for you?

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Are you holding a conference,

a large corporate event or you just ​want to diversify the program with ​an interesting and stimulating ​lecture and discussion?

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Do you want to empower your ​employees or a team to handle ​problems themselves? Or are you ​looking for experiential simulations ​for your team building?

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Do you need to support key ​people in management skills?

Or are you looking for a partner to ​help you avoid mistakes?

I can also help you by researching scientific papers and creating an executive summary on a selected topic, ​for example as a basis for an important decision. Or by facilitating an important meeting and discussion to ​limit judgemental distortions in order for you to fully concentrate on evaluating the information and picking ​the right solution.

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  • CRITICAL THINKING - how to ​avoid errors in judgment?

  • PROBLEM-SOLVING - how to find ​the real causes and solve them?

  • CREATIVITY & INNOVATION - how ​to come up with ideas and choose ​the most promising ones?

  • COMMON GROUND - how to come ​to an agreement with people who ​hold different opinions and gain ​support for your proposals?
  • DECISION-MAKING - how to make ​better decisions, prioritise and plan?

  • MEDIA LITERACY - how to work with ​sources of information and verify news?

  • CHANGE MANAGEMENT - how to ​implement changes smoothly?

  • WHAT CAN (NOT) AI DO? - how to use ​the AI tools´ capabilities and not regret ​it?

Are you missing a topic? Contact me and ​we will come up with something together.

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I lecture and train mainly in Czechia but in Europe and America as well. For ​companies, non-profits, universities, and schools, but also intelligence ​services, etc. Here are some examples of a few of my collaborations:


Lukas Hana



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